Friday, June 20, 2014

Why I love cycling

Words are obsolete
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Monday, May 19, 2014

19.05.2014 - Тажен ден за Скопје / A sad day for Skopje

19.05.2014 - Тажен ден за Скопје. Попладнето е убиен Ангел Петковски, додека се обидувал да го фати крадецот кој му го украл велосипедот од дворот на семејната куќа. 
Имаше 18 години.
Уште еден прерано згаснат живот. Почивај во мир

A sad day for Skopje. This afternoon Angel Petkovski was killed while trying to catch the thief who stole his bicycle from the yard of his family home. 
He was only 18 years old.
Another young life ended too soon. Rest in peace.

The morning after the prom night

Half drunk high-school graduates after the prom are certainly not an obstacle you want to encounter while cycling on a loose cobblestone path. They just don't care how much space they take up :)

Got my front wheel stuck in a gap between the cobblestones while avoiding a particularly tipsy girl talking on her phone and ignoring the world around her.

Luckily, no high-school graduates were hurt, and I managed to keep a smile on while quietly grumbling "watch out where you're going".

Kids, congratulations on finishing high school, and best of luck in the future. Just please mind the traffic when drunk :)