Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Preparations for a double century

The preparations for the double century - Skopje - Ohrid and back are starting. The date for the double century is 6th and 7th of September 2014.

To start things off, I created the possible routes. For the trip back, just reverse the routes

Currently there is a voting on the facebook event page on which route should be chosen. Most votes are currently leaning towards Route1

Also, I have created a training plan for myself in order to prepare for the double century, presented on the image below. The plan is for 16 weeks of training, with a gap to be chosen at any time for summer vacation, since it's still April.

Anyone wishing to join us can register on the facebook event page. We'll publish information on Office Cyclist and on the event page

Have you ridden a double century? Tell us about it in the comments!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Morning - the best time to ride

Since I started cycling, the absolute best time to ride is early in the morning. There is no beating the quiet of a still sleeping city, the crispness of the air, and of course, the empty cycling tracks. For all those that find it difficult to drag themselves out of bed before sunrise, here is a bit of motivation:
Morning Cycling poster by Bozidar Spirovski
When do you ride? Tell us in the comments!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Велосипедизам низ Скопје, реална слика - Cycling in Skopje, a very real image

This post is written both in my native Macedonian as well as an English translation, since the topic deserves discussion in both languages. The Еnglish translation is below the photos.

Низ Скопје секојдневно има се повеќе велосипедисти, кои се борат за своето место низ сообраќајот и по тротоарите и пешачките патеки окупирани од паркирани возила, контејнери па дури и инсталации поставени од градските власти. 

Секој месец, велосипедистите се организираат во Критична маса за да се подобрат условите за велосипедисти низ Скопје. 

Засега, работите не одат на добро. Денес, одејќи накај работа видов знак кој најсликовито ги покажува тажните услови за велосипедизам низ Скопје.

Дополнително е трагично што уништениот знак е на излез од кружен тек и непосредно пред пешачки премин, а возилото сепак имало доволна инерција за да го смачка металниот столб на знакот.

Skopje has more and more cyclists every day, each of them fighting for their rightful place in the city traffic, on the sidewalks and the cycling lanes occupied by parked cars, garbage containers and even installations placed there by the local authorities. 

Every month, the cyclists join the Critical Mass in order to improve the cycling conditions in Skopje.

So far, things aren't going well. Today, while going to work I saw a sign that best illustrates the current sad cycling conditions in Skopje.

It's even more tragic that the crushed sign is on an exit from a roundabout and just in front of a pedestrian crossing, and the vehicle still had sufficient momentum to crush the metal pole of the sign.