Friday, November 21, 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cyclist using Google

Cyclist not thinking while using Google: 
  1. Google for "replace brake pads" ....
  2. Spend a minute staring at the results and wondering what does replacing brake pads have to do with cars?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

We all ride for fun, not to make fun!

Self-proclaimed serious road bike riders will usually make fun of you if you:

Velo Parade by Geigerni via Wikimedia Commons
1. Wear a helmet with a visor (apparently a MTB helmet)
2. Keep the wheel reflectors on the wheels
3. Put any form of light on the handlebars that actually illuminates the road in night rides
4. Put any rear red light that marks you well in pitch black.
5. Have an oil mark on your right calf from the large crank gear or chain
6. Have a third gear on the cranckset (the much maligned granny gear)
7. Have a lower-end groupset on your bike
8. Your shirt does not match your bibs
9. Handlebar tape is not matching the color of the bike seat/tyres/frame
10. Updated, thanks to Dimitar Majstorov : Mudguards on the road bike
11. Updated 2, thanks to Martin Jovcevski: a Bell

People, you forfeited the right to make fun when you accepted that it's OK to wear tight Lycra regardless of the size of your gut and to walk around in shoes with cleats like a duck out of water, sometimes with shaved legs. We all ride for fun, not to make fun!